UK prisons VS NZ prisons

Billy: I moved to New Zealand from Scotland

Andy: In May 2013

Claire: September 2012

Andy: I think Corrections is a fantastic employer

Gill: Here we do just eight-hour days

Billy: Work hard, you’ll do well

Claire: We go out on the boat, we go fishing

Billy: To become a Corrections Officer takes a very special individual

Claire: I’m growing every day when I’m at work

Billy: Challenging, but rewarding

Andy: I think the staffing levels in New Zealand prisons are more generous

Gill: It’s a nice prison to work at

Claire: I would never dreamt of socialising with managers in England

Billy: It feels more like an extended family

Gill: You do have a lot more staff

Billy: More of a drive on keeping our staff safe

Andy: Body armour, we’re just rolling out on-body cameras

Claire: You have to work in pairs, when you go out on the landing, there’s two of you and on the unit that I’m on, it’s 45 prisoners to two members of staff

Andy: It makes staff feel as though (a) that they’re valued and (b) y’know that they’ve got the tools to do the job properly

Claire: Safer, ‘cos you’ve got that back-up, you know you’ve got that back-up

Gill: An easy place to work

Billy: What’s waiting for you, is fantastic

Title: NZ needs more prison officers
Title:Join us.

Come for the job. Stay for the lifestyle.

Billy: I moved to New Zealand from Scotland

Gill: I came and had a holiday for a month and while I was here, I decided to apply for the job

Billy: My role at Corrections is a Manager at Auckland Prison

Claire: The feeling over here is so much more relaxed

Andy: My last prison was The Mount in Hertfordshire

Claire: Moorlands, which is in Doncaster

Andy: But the opportunity to work here in New Zealand and give my son the kind of upbringing that I wanted him to have

Gill: This is my home now

Billy: The lifestyle, the people, the weather

Claire: It just wowed me the moment I stepped off that plane

Gill: It’s a very family environment, you see your neightbours, you interact

Andy: There’s plenty of people to talk football with if you want to find them, yeah

Billy: I can walk to the beach in six minutes

Andy: Couldn’t be happier

Gill: The sun is shining, and it makes you feel better

Billy: For me, I’m shaping my kid’s future

Claire: We’re not working, constantly, we’re actually living

Title: NZ needs more prison officers
Title: Join us.

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