Frequently asked questions
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Frequently asked questions

What support will be available to me throughout the process?

Our Recruitment Advisor and Coordinator will be the points of contact right throughout the process. Upon arriving in New Zealand candidates will be given a point of contact at the prison site that will assist with any immediate needs related to settling into New Zealand, prior to starting work and in the early days of starting training.

How long is the training and how will it be tailored to my needs?

While we appreciate that you will be bringing knowledge and experience with you from the UK we recognise that some aspects of the role and environment within NZ will be different. To make sure you are fully equipped for your new role there will be training on the cultural and safety aspects for working in New Zealand Prisons.

It is also important that all overseas staff complete our five day control & restraint package to ensure we are consistent in the way we manage situations.

After you have completed these modules we take an assessment based approach to the remaining training that is delivered. This full process will take around 3-4 weeks and may be done on your prison site, depending on where you are situated in New Zealand. You may have to travel within New Zealand for some of the training.

How will my qualifications be recognised?

The knowledge and skills that you bring with you will be recognised as part of the assessment process and will help you to complete the qualification in New Zealand in a timely manner.

What is the assessment centre process?

The assessment centre is a half day session which includes a one on one interview, a group exercise, a role play exercise and a video exercise.

What fitness testing will I have to do?

If the candidate can provide a satisfactory fitness test completed in the last 12 months then they may not have to complete fitness testing. If not, we have a fitness test for candidates to complete in a gym with a registered provider while still in the UK.

The cost of this testing is the responsibility of the candidate.

How do I get a visa?

If a candidate is successful in gaining a job offer they will be able to use this to apply for a Work Visa for 12 months. The candidate must also meet the Essential Skills immigration conditions.
The candidate would then be able to apply for residency while still in the UK or once in New Zealand.

Information on visas for partners and children can be found here:

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